Thomas Kamber

Executive Director/SVP

Fred Fields

VP of Strategy, Planning and Administration

Alex Glazebrook

VP of Program Operations

Aaron Osgood

Director of Project Management

Barbara J. Kelly

Director of External Relations

Marisa Giorgi

Director of Curriculum Development

Colette Buscemi

Director of Innovation and Program Design

Ines Escandon

Director of Impact Measurement and Learning

Suzanne Myklebust

Director of Communications

Amanda Gimble

Director of Aging Connected

Fiona Adams

Manager of the Contact Center

Lorne MacArthur

Technology Senior Specialist

Kim Ziegler

Associate Director of Curriculum Development

Ryan Kawamoto

Regional Program Manager, Palo Alto

Marco DiGirolomo

Director of In-Person Program Experiences

Breana Clark

Director of Virtual Program Experiences

Aaron Santis

Program Lead, Colorado

Darryl Greer

Program Lead, Texas

Shivali Haribhakti

Regional Program Manager