Last Word…

A Shared Legacy

Life is short and the urge to make a difference runs strong in many of us.

At OATS, we know that everyone could be doing something other than working with us to harness technology and change the way we age.  We could spend more time with our kids, our art, our church, or another important cause.  We could be working to secure our financial futures and those of our families.  But instead, here we are—you reading this, and us writing it.

We like to think it’s because we’re all looking for a chance to make our mark, to leave the world better than we found it.  And the field of aging, especially in the age of digital transformation, is a place where that can happen.  The collective opportunity we have unleashed by adding so much time to the human lifespan in recent generations is perhaps the greatest social canvas to be made available since the advent of the modern world.  The way we respond to the challenges and possibilities of this new era will define our lives and those of our descendants in ways we can only imagine.

At OATS, we tend to depart from the dry language of social science and impact metrics when we talk of the legacy we are working to create.  We use words like “awesome,” “magical,” and “uplifting.”  We tell stories of the friends we’ve made at Senior Planet, of the people who have guided and inspired and encouraged us.  We are ignited by the crackling energy that comes from bringing people together who share a collective assumption about human beings:  that we are capable of pretty much anything, and that any given day—right up until our last one—might be our best one yet.  That’s the magic of working in aging today.

We invite you to join us in seizing the chance to “dare mighty things.”  We don’t have all the answers, not even most of them…but we are unashamed to admit that we’re idealists and we’re here to push the limits of the possible to make a meaningful difference out there.  If you’re an idealist too, you should give us a call.  Let’s do something worth being remembered for.