Senior Planet Community

Senior Planet Community is a social media platform exclusively for older adults ages 60+ to interact with each other virtually and cultivate deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Senior Planet Community is designed specifically for older adults, with the help of older adults. Dozens of seniors took part in a months-long Senior Planet Community pilot project, where they tested and offered feedback on the new platform’s design, layout, and operation. OATS also consulted with user experience experts who specialize in designing online programs and products for older adults.

The platform encourages older adults to connect with peers who share similar interests, by posting and commenting in groups pertaining to specific topics (i.e.: fitness, photography, etc.). Senior Planet Community includes the following features:

  • Straightforward, modern, and age-friendly design.
  • Zero advertisements and security, with a promise to users that their data will not be sold for marketing purposes.
  • Enhanced accessibility options, including larger text size, increased text spacing, highlighting links, colorblind options, etc.
  • Platform moderators are responsible for preventing cyberbullying and the spread of false information.

“I love Senior Planet Community because it gives me the opportunity to engage with other mature adults around the country. The groups are great because you can choose which ones spark your interest and connect with others with shared interests. As just a start, I have learned about new books to read, new games to try, new places to visit, learned good tips about technology, viewed some wonderful photography and seen some pictures of fantastic pets.”