Senior Planet Programs

Senior Planet is the flagship program of OATS from AARP.

Senior Planet programming affords older adults the opportunity to engage with a dynamic mix of offerings to achieve measurable change in one or more areas of their lives: financial security, social engagement, creative expression, health and wellness, and civic participation.

In addition to structured, multi-week courses, Senior Planet programming also includes a robust series of lectures, workshops, guest speakers, and special events, high-quality online content, and participant-driven affinity groups.

In-Person Experiences

Senior Planet centers are designed as technology-themed community spaces for older adults.

There are three Senior Planet centers across the United States, located in New York City, NY; Plattsburgh (North Country), NY; and Denver, CO. A notion reflected in the design of all Senior Planet Centers is that something world-changing could potentially be going on at any moment, and that anyone who walks through the door could be a part of it.

We also have an on-the-ground, partnership-based presence in Montgomery County, MD; San Antonio, TX; and Santa Clara County, CA.

Virtual Programming

At digital community for older adults that combines the experience of a trusted nonprofit with a commitment to informative and compelling content. offers a wide range of free virtual classes each week, taught live on Zoom by Senior Planet trainers. Classes include morning stretch and meditation sessions, programs on online banking and telemedicine, discussion groups that foster engaging conversation and lasting friendships, and much more. Visitors can also find a variety of educational materials that complement classes, allowing for a blended learning experience with multimedia content, self-paced learning, and a flexible approach to when and where the learning takes place. Resources include articles, interviews, and video tutorials that correspond to the content in our course books.

The website stands apart for its provocative and entertaining articles that challenge traditional portrayals of seniors. Some of the most popular article topics include nationally-recognized sex columnist Joan Price, Senior Planet’s Ask the Techspert series, and monthly interviews with older celebrities

Five Impact Areas

Where impact meets accessibility. 

Senior Planet programs are built around five impact areas: financial security, social engagement, creative expression, health and wellness, and civic participation. All five areas represent opportunities in the lives of older adults where a significant impact can be achieved through the use of technology. 

  1. Financial Security – Senior Planet financial security programs aim to empower older adults of all income levels to leverage digital financial tools to shop, bank, save money, and take control of their finances.
  2. Social Engagement – To combat isolation among older adults, Senior Planet offers social engagement programs designed to help older adults leverage digital tools to connect with friends and family and stay active in their communities.
  3. Creative Expression – Digital channels are an essential part of the creative process: from exploring ideas to sharing the final product. Creative expression programs introduce unique ways to express creativity digitally, incorporating new platforms and fun ideas into the process.
  4. Health and Wellness – Senior Planet health and wellness programs familiarize older adults with digital tools to help them take better control of their health while introducing stretching, cardio, and resistance exercises. Exposure to these activities builds knowledge and confidence, empowering older participants to begin an exercise regimen of their own.
  5. Civic Participation – Civic participation programs address the disconnect between older adult activism and modern tools for advocacy. Lectures and workshops help older adults stay engaged in civic life, combat ageism, and raise their voices through digital advocacy.