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Become a Licensing Partner

OATS is building out a national model for its award-winning training and community-building programs and has an expanding footprint. We are seeking local partners to help us bring Senior Planet programs to seniors in new geographies through the Senior Planet Licensing program.

If you’re interested in bringing Senior Planet programs to your community, please reach out to

Engage OATS as a Consultant

OATS provides professional consulting and advisory services to large corporations, major institutions, and government entities on how to design and implement tailored programs that involve seniors and technology and that typically address specific business, clinical, or policy objectives.

To discuss how OATS can contribute to your organization, please email Alexander Glazebrook, at

Ask About Speaking Opportunities

As an influential voice shaping the dialogue around the future of aging, OATS also speaks often and widely at professional gatherings. 

To request a booking of Tom Kamber or another member of the OATS senior team to speak at your conference or important meeting, please reach out to us at

Support OATS

Corporate Sponsorship and Cause Marketing

Corporate sponsorships are about a lot more than framed certificates and oversize checks. Nonprofit partners today can add critical value through employee engagement, product assessments, social ROI reporting, and multi-channel communications. 

Engage customers through packages that are structured to give companies a degree of flexibility and customization based on marketing, promotional, and/or philanthropic goals. Sponsors receive a combination of benefits providing brand exposure, promotional rights, and hospitality.

Customized Grant Making

OATS has an extraordinary track record of success in meeting high-impact, sustainable grant deliverables. Organizations inspired by or aligned with OATS mission can support any and all parts of our work, including national and/or localized program delivery to older adults across the country.

To work with OATS on a personalized grant proposal, please reach out to Laurence Lombart at

Employee Giving and Matching

Engage employees to support OATS and its impact on the lives of older adults through your workplace giving program.

To learn more about setting up an employee giving campaign with your organization, please reach out to Laurence Lombart at