Senior Planet Programs

Senior Planet is the flagship program of Older Adults Technology Services (OATS) from AARP and plays a central role in the Senior Planet Supporter experience.

Senior Planet programming affords older adults the opportunity to engage with a dynamic mix of opportunities to achieve measurable change in one or more areas of their lives: health and wellness; social engagement; financial security; civic participation; and creative expression. 

A Senior Planet Supporter typically lays the foundation for purposeful and deeper change by first taking a five- or ten-week course from the “Basics” or “Essentials” series, which impart fundamental digital skills in preparation for continued exploration. As the Supporter continues the Senior Planet journey, a sequence of five thematic program tracks, organized around the “impact areas” listed above, provide well-defined pathways to more profound change in those specific dimensions of life. In addition to structured, multi-week courses, Senior Planet programming also includes a robust series of lectures, workshops, guest speakers, and special events, high-quality online content, and Supporter-driven affinity groups.