Senior Planet Supporters

Anyone 60 and up is encouraged to become a Senior Planet Supporter and join a rapidly-growing cohort of future-oriented peers who are living and aging with attitude!

Senior Planet Supporters make an assertive statement that there is a powerful movement forming; one that addresses ageism head-on, that is working together to make older adults more visible in digital spaces, and taking advantage of new developments in technology for powerful purposes – starting new businesses, showcasing artistic talents, building new networks, being effective and outspoken advocates, and communicating on an equal plane so that younger people might benefit from their perspectives.

Senior Planet is the flagship program of Older Adults Technology Services (OATS) from AARP and plays a central role in the Senior Planet Supporter experience.

Senior Planet programming affords older adults the opportunity to engage with a dynamic mix of opportunities to achieve measurable change in one or more areas of their lives: health and wellness; social engagement; financial security; civic participation; and creative expression. 

A Senior Planet Supporter typically lays the foundation for purposeful and deeper change by first taking a five- or ten-week course from the “Basics” or “Essentials” series, which impart fundamental digital skills in preparation for continued exploration. As the Supporter continues the Senior Planet journey, a sequence of five thematic program tracks, organized around the “impact areas” listed above, provide well-defined pathways to more profound change in those specific dimensions of life. In addition to structured, multi-week courses, Senior Planet programming also includes a robust series of lectures, workshops, guest speakers, and special events, high-quality online content, and Supporter-driven affinity groups.