how to spot fake news

NPR’s All Things Considered: “How Some Are Trying to Teach Senior Citizens To Spot Fake News”

NPR’s radio program All Things Considered highlighted OATS as one of the few organizations supporting older adults in learning to identify fake news as part of a broadcast about disinformation and the election. The audio features Senior Planet Montgomery County Program Manager Bre Clark and several Senior Planet members as they participate in Senior Planet’s new workshop on how to detect fake news.

“I had never taken ‘fake news’ seriously, because I believed that I could recognize incorrect information when I read it or heard it. After attending the OATS program, I realize that fake news is much more complicated and insidious than I thought it to be. This program gave me the tools to carefully check all sources of news information,” said workshop participant Patricia Cramer.

Listen to the full story at the link here!

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