Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorships are about a lot more than framed certificates and oversize checks. Nonprofit partners today can add critical value through employee engagement, product assessments, social ROI reporting, and multi-channel communications. OATS has an extraordinary track record of success in building high-impact, lasting partnerships.

OATS is currently building out a replicable national model for its award-winning training and community-building programs and has an expanding footprint.  We are seeking corporate partners in the regions where we work to help us extend the benefits of OATS initiatives and bring Senior Planet programs to seniors in new geographies and through new digital channels.

We believe in the power of collaboration and the importance of sustaining lasting relationships. Here are a few principles that guide our collaborations:

Community Impact Sponsorships

Please help OATS maximize the impact of its network of Senior Planet training hubs in a local geography.  Sponsorship will be paired with a community site to increase enrollment and maximize training outcomes. Sites will display branded underwriter materials, support volunteer engagement activities, and presentations by corporate partners on relevant topics or resources. OATS will share results and narratives of program successes and sponsorship will be recognized at a graduation event for the older adults who have completed a Senior Planet training program.

Cost: $10,000 - $25,000

Content Development Sponsorships

These are direct engagements with OATS program developers on new initiatives in training, curriculum, digital content, and special events. Sponsors will choose a specific initiative and underwrite a new workshop, online content area, or short event series. Programs will display sponsor information on written materials.

Cost: $25,000 - $50,000

Program Development Sponsorships

These are direct engagements with OATS program and curriculum development specialists in order to create a new multi-week course or robust set of program activities for a specific area. After the program development phase, coordinated launch events and media relations can result in strong public awareness. These are high-impact, high-visibility programs.

Cost: $50,000 and up

Social Innovation Sponsorships

Like any growing enterprise, OATS requires capital to develop and launch new initiatives in new markets. Social innovation sponsors will anchor a program expansion or a target digital space. These initiatives offer powerful leveraging of sponsorship funds and will achieve maximum long-term impact and visibility. These are strong opportunities for connecting through OATS to collaborating businesses, government agencies, and philanthropic entities.  In new geographies, this type of sponsorship could also include a founding partner sponsorship for a new Senior Planet Exploration Center.

Cost: $250,000 and up.

As a community-facing initiative, OATS can provide valuable support for our corporate partners in regard to key PR and communications activities.  At the most visible level, OATS and its leadership team are already widely perceived as an essential voice in any national conversation about seniors and technology, presenting at national conferences, corporate industry events, philanthropic gatherings, academic settings, and serving as a regular source for journalists.  A formal affiliation with OATS, therefore, can increase at the levels of both perception and reality the depth of our corporate partners’ commitment, credibility, and impact among important audiences in this closely-watched space.  

We’re here to change the way Americans age and we ask you to join us on this journey. We know every company is unique and has distinct business imperatives, philanthropic priorities, and corporate practices. Please contact us to discuss any of these options or your ideas!

Kimberly Harris, Director of Strategic Development at 718-360-1707 or 917-747-4110 to set up a time to talk at your earliest convenience. 

Warm Regards,
Tom Kamber, Executive Director

“OATS has ambitious goals and accomplishes them by leveraging highly innovative and effective digital access strategies. OATS’ dynamic, transformational spirit makes it a strong partner for growth and change-oriented companies.”
— Amanda Del Balso, Google