Mobility for All: Getting Seniors on the Digital Highway

The challenge

Mobility For All (M4A) is committed to ensuring that affordable, multi-modal transportation is viewed as a basic social and economic need in Boulder County, Colorado and is thus made available to all residents regardless of age, ability, or income. A recent report revealed that the lack of access to digital devices and data plans coupled with a low level of foundational computer skills specifically kept older people from taking advantage of transportation resources like trip planning apps, public transit programs, and ride sharing services.

The strategy

Remove the barriers that prevent older adults in the Boulder area from using technology-based transportation tools. Help older adults understand common practices around ridesharing, what the most popular transportation apps are, and ensure that older adults are aware of useful tools like Google maps.

The solution

OATS proposed a workshop series to introduce technology-based transportation tools to older adults in the Boulder area. Through a research and development phase, OATS worked closely with key stakeholders to better understand the details and goals of the program, client behavior, and important local resources. Recognizing that the skills required to use many technology-based transportation tools may be beyond the competency of older adults new to technology, OATS additionally proposed offering two 5-week Computer Essentials courses. By offering these foundational courses, OATS aims to ensure that participants with limited tech know-how have the necessary skills to take advantage of technology-based transportation platforms.