Ginna Baik (Chair)

Business Development Manager, Amazon

Anita L. Holt

President/Chief Executive Officer, The Forest at Duke

Aviva Sufian

Specialist, Deloitte

Amanda Del Balso Cantwell

Heidi Margulis (Vice Chair)

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Humana (retired)

Jared Goralnick

Vice President, Product Management, Upwork

Jenny Wong

Executive Director, Atlantic Global Risk

Lenard Kaye

Professor of Social Work at the University of Maine School of Social Work
Director of the University of Maine Center on Aging

Neil Harrison

Vice President, Corporate Programs & Initiatives, Sony Corporation of America

Robert DiMatteo

Principal, Shields Capital

Scott Frisch

EVP, Chief Operating Officer, AARP

Thomas Kamber (ex officio)

Executive Director, OATS from AARP