Rita N. Soni

As director of Aging Connected, the National Digital Engagement Consortium for Older Adults, Rita is driving an urgent mission to address the digital divide for older adults, made all the more pressing by the global Coronavirus pandemic. The consortium is connecting the siloed sectors of technology, healthcare and senior services to connect and engage. This first-of-its-kind national initiative aims to reach the 9 million seniors who have been left behind, bridging connectivity, digital health, and digital literacy.

In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, Rita found OATS. She is a self-proclaimed Public Interest Technologist (PIT), having spent more than a decade facilitating technology for good across public, private and nonprofit sectors. Beginning her career at GE laid the groundwork for social transformation. As CEO of the NASSCOM Foundation, she scaled the impact of India’s vast technology sector to address social issues ranging from digital literacy to impact sourcing, and from e-waste to inclusion of persons with disabilities and to skill-based volunteering. 

Naturally navigating between cultures, Rita grew up in Texas and New Jersey, worked across the US, Europe & Asia, and spent an accidental decade working in India. She currently calls Brooklyn home. Her PIT qualification began as an undergraduate at Stevens Institute of Technology with a bachelor of engineering in electrical. A master’s degree in international affairs focused on economic development from Columbia University, started the PIT journey. Finally, Rita likes to integrate work and life through worldwide travels, speaking engagements, and mindfulness.