Senior Planet Licensing Program

Organization Names & IDs

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Organization Name ID Number
Area 1 Agency on Aging 0016Q00001WL4NjQAL
Baltimore County Department of Aging 0016Q00001YRt6aQAD
Caldwell Senior Center Inc. 0016Q00001YQdRuQAL
Central Vermont Council on Aging 0016Q00001WL89DQAT
Community & Senior Services of Johnston County 0016Q00001YSMEiQAP
Connections Area Agency on Aging 0016Q00001W6EaZQAV
Craven County Senior Services 0016Q00001YS0rGQAT
Crawford Senior Center / Macon County Senior Services 0016Q00001YSMMhQAP
CSU Northeast Regional Engagement Center (Logan County Council on Aging) 0016Q00001XgXdAQAV
Davidson County Senior Services 0016Q00001YR00XQAT
Durham Center for Senior Life 0016Q00001YQsm7QAD
Eaton Senior Communities 0016Q00001W6BDPQA3
Elder Services of Cape Cod and the Islands, Inc. 0016Q00001WL7WtQAL
The Enrichment Center of Lee County 0016Q00001YRhz7QAD
Episcopal Homes of Minnesota 0016Q00001W6BdJQAV
FiftyForward 0016Q00001YQzztQAD
Fresno County Economic Opportunities Commission 0016Q00001XhYfEQAV
Friends Home & Village 0016Q00001WL84DQAT
Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing 0016Q00001YSMg5QAH
Granville County Senior Services 0016Q00001YSPdMQAX
Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. 0016Q00001YRpREQA1
Hart Park Senior Center (Wauwatosa Recreation Department) 0016Q00001XghiWQAR
Lakehills Area Library 0016Q00001Xgf2wQAB
LEARN – Lifelong Education and Aging Resource Network Inc. 0016Q00001YSHx4QAH
Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly, Boston Chapter (LBFE) 0016Q00001W6CH9QAN
Livingston County Office for the Aging 0016Q00001WL70HQAT
Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF) 0016Q00001YRWdSQAX
New Hanover County Senior Resource Center 0016Q00001YQskBQAT
Pars Equality Center, Los Angeles 0016Q00001WL7kcQAD
Petaluma Ecumenical Properties (PEP Housing) 0016Q00001XgspxQAB
Pine River Library 0016Q00001W6BNeQAN
Pottsboro Library 0016Q00001W6E9bQAF
San Diego Futures Foundation 0016Q00001Xi2fxQAB
Senior Resource Development Center 0016Q00001WL4gAQAT
The Senior Source 0016Q00001YS9jKQAT
Small Town Project 0016Q00001W6BMgQAN
Spotswood Office on Aging 0016Q00001YQuvjQAD
University of Utah Geriatric Psychiatry Clinic 0016Q00001WL7m9QAD
Victory In Praise Community Development Center 0016Q00001XhpooQAB
Washington County Senior Center 0016Q00001YSLbJQAX
Wayne County Services on Aging/Peggy M. Seegars’ Senior Center 0016Q00001YRxZ2QAL
Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging 0016Q00001W6BHbQAN