During COVID-19 older adults are getting online to connect using Zoom and taking classes

The Guardian: “‘A lifesaver’: US seniors turn to Zoom to connect with friends and family”

During COVID-19, older adults are discovering new ways to move their lifestyles – from classes to coffee chats – online.

In his 72 years, Brad Veloz has risked his job and overcome health issues to fight for LGBTQ+ and Latino rights. The coronavirus wasn’t going to stop his activism. A year ago, the self-described “in-your-face” activist had never even used Zoom online video conferencing, but it is now a constant presence in his life in lockdown to connect with fellow activists instead of taking to the streets.

Veloz’s newfound digital lifestyle reflects the demand on seniors to move their lives online because of the threat of Covid-19. At Senior Planet, social spaces are developing around virtual classes, such as the morning exercise program. People login early, and stay late, to chat with their friends. Read the full story here. 

Image by Nacho Doce/Reuters for The Guardian

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