Older Adults Technology Services

White Papers

OATS provides thought leadership by presenting at seminars, panel sessions, and conferences, and by authoring or contributing to studies, reports, and academic journal articles that shed light on the intersection of technology and older adults.

Gen X: The Cro-Magnon of Digital Natives

How a generation came to embrace—and realign with—the lure of technology.

Older Adults and OATS Computer Training Programs: A Social Impact Analysis Findings Report

This study examined the impact of the OATS computer training courses on older adult participants.

Patients Accessing Technology at Home (PATH)

The PATH Project’s overarching goal is to develop an effective model for helping older adults to access Internet-based information and technology to improve their lives.

Toward an Inclusive Measure of Broadband Adoption

This article proposes development of a more inclusive understanding of broadband adoption that makes better use of quantitative, qualitative, and anecdotal data.

“Getting Turned On”: Using ICT Training to Promote Active Aging in New York City

This mixed-method study examined how participation in a senior’s technology training program influences the social environments and active aging of older New Yorkers.