The OATS Approach

OATS focuses entirely on the interests and priorities of older adult participants in our programs. We have designed over 600 pages of curriculum around the needs of older individuals.

  • OATS partners intensively. We operate no programs at our central office, instead collaborating with over 60 partner sites citywide to bring training to the communities where it is needed most.
  • OATS has professionalized technology services for older adults. On average, each of our trainers has taught over 400 community-based technology classes to seniors, with excellent feedback from participants.
  • OATS builds community. The Senior Planet Digital Community brings together thousands of older adults online and in person every year to share resources, events, and commentary.

More than just a computer class...

At OATS, we see our mission as much more than simply teaching seniors how to use computers. The technology gap is a symptom of a much wider problem of isolation and marginalization of older adults in America, and this is the real issue that animates our work. We use technology to empower and support older adults in living successful, independent lives. We use technology to connect seniors to services, to communities, and to one another. We establish lasting connections to other nonprofit partners and programs to help build more sustainable systems of support for older adults.